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NeedsMoreSubs on Social Media

NeedsMoreSubs on Social Media

NeedsMoreSubs is broadcast from the Institude for Social Media Studies, a top secret installation along the toxic shores of Lake Erie. We take our responsability to study social media very seriously. Just kidding. We do enthusiastically use and study a lot of social media though. For the purposes of following NeedsMoreSubs and discovering awesome smaller YouTube channels you should direct your attention to these top three main outlets in our network.


The main place to learn about our latest YouTube videos is on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to NeedsMoreSubs to get our videos showing up in your subscription feed, click the little notification bell next to it to recive notifications when we release new videos, and if all else fails you can even bookmark the NeedsMoreSubs YouTube channel in your browser and check back in on us any time you'd like to see the latest channels we're highlighting.



Many months before we ever started a YouTube channel we were shouting out amazing small YouTube channels on our twitter feed. And we still shout out five awesome smaller channels almost every week at noon eastern. Our twitter feed also offers another oportunity to get notified about new videos and other fun interactions to engage with.


NMS Forum

And this very website has a social forum where we can come together and talk about strategies for getting smaller YouTube channels discovered. Please sign up to get an account and once your account gets validated join the fun and start letting everyone know about your favorite kinds of smaller YouTube channels.

But we don't just use social media to promote our videos about other small but awesome YouTube channels... No sir!... we also use social media to DISCOVER awesome creative folks! Here are some of the social media networks that we use to find talented musicians and sound artists.

band camp

Lots of creative video based musicians use Band Camp to help them sell music and discover one another. At NeedsMoreSubs we create our own music for our videos. And we don't spend a lot of time bergging for money nor do we have a ton of stuff to sell. So the appeal of bandcamp is pretty obvious. We get to discover great music, easily sell our own music, and band camp even lets people donate extra if you're feeling extra generous.


Almost every Tuesday and Thursday NeedsMoreSubs broadcasts live on our YouTube channel at noon o'clock of eastern time. During those live broadcasts we create a song! And lately we've been putting those sounds on our soundcloud account and linking to the person in the chat who comes up with the title of the song. In the future we'll be putting a lot of other fun sound excusions on our soundcloud as well.

We're always on the look out for awesome visual artists as well. There are some great photographers, visual artists, drafters and designers, cosplayers & costume creators and image crafters of all sorts out there on these ones!


We've been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to discover and connect with great artists on instagram! Come connect with us there and help extend our reach and get some great images from NeedsMoreSubs in the proccess.

deviant art

We've been users of Deviant Art for years. Met a lot of great friends on there. Sure, our NeedsMoreSubs Deviant Art account is like a ghost town with the cobwebs and stuff, but we still use it a lot to search for awesome artists to watch.

Speaking of cobwebby ghost towns, here are a few social media platforms that we would love to be more active on some day but just don't have the following yet to justify spending much time on em.


We would love to become regular users of reddit but for now we just have this simple little subreddit set up as a place holder in case anyone happens along and wants to start talking about discovering awesome smaller YouTube channels.


Pinterest seems like a fun place. I'm sure there are plenty of ways we could be using it better. But so far we just have a couple pin boards.


facebook is cool if you're into that sort of thing. For now we feel like we get A LOT accomplished with all of the time that we do not spend on facebook. I think we'll be okay with it if our little facebook page never takes off.

So yeah. Seriously! Follow us on twitter and definitely check us out on YouTube all the time. We have tons of videos about awesome smaller YouTube channels, and if a channel was awesome two or ten months ago there's a good chance it's still awesome now so there's plenty on NeedsMoreSubs YouTube to explore.

Um... that's all I got. So um.... peace, and ummmmmm..... see you later (on YouTube (and/or twitter)).
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In case this isn't obvious... um... Needs More Subs is not affiliated with YouTube in any official capacity. Or in any other kind of capacity.